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Overcome Overthinking 

Understand and master your thoughts with easy practical strategies so that you can feel more present with your friends and family, sleep easier and enjoy and thrive in your life.

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Some of the many benefits of a Masterclass

Self Awareness

 Restore Emotional wellbeing

Build better relationships

Practical easy tools and tips

Improve sleep

Overcome Overthinking

I’ve let my mind run away with me on so much that if there was an Oscar for overthinking then I would be buying a big glamorous dress and preparing the most overthought about speech.

Overthinking is exhausting its like being on a constant merry go around that isn’t so merry. If you can relate you are in the right place and you will know that it is relentless, and it steals so much from you. Its steals your sleep, your presence, your contentment, your happiness, your relationships with others and your progression in life.

It doesn't have to be this way! I want to offer you something informative, practical and transformational so that you came tame your overthinking brain so that you can:


- Have more peace in your life, feel calm and be more present in your life so that you can enjoy your time with friends and family and enjoy new experiences.

- Have more control over your emotions and in your life so that you can have deeper connections with your friends, family and partner and attract your people or your soul mate into your life.

- Have more time, have time to pursue the things in life that you want, to learn a new skill, step up in your career or a new business venture. Spend more quality time with loved ones 

I invite you to join this masterclass with the most amount of value I can offer for you to ‘OVERCOME OVERTHINKING’ so that you can have all these things and more.

You will go from overthinking to understanding your brain and mastering your thoughts with easy practical strategies so that you can feel more present with your friends and family, sleep easier and enjoy and thrive in your life.

It will include a guided instant access Masterclass video that I will guide you through and your very own workbook full of valuable information, activities and actionable tips to help you deep dive into self exploration and have a quick reference sheet to equip you in overcoming your overthinking.

Simply click 'Buy' and enjoy instant access to the masterclass.

Want the next steps? More support? 

You are eligible for a discount on 1-1 therapeutic programmes and the Anxiety Relief Collective (Group Membership)

If you would like to take advantage of this discount, then click here to pop me a message 

Enjoy Emma 


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Overcome Overthinking Masterclass 

Time-limited Special Price - Saving £104 RRP £141

Overcome Overthinking

Overcome Overthinking

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Put yourself first, carve some time out for you and take the next step

Having an awareness and it being reinforced that you have control over your thoughts is so powerful. I feel I can put all what I have learnt into practice.

Masterclass Feedback

The class was really insightful giving opportunity to reflect and acknowledge how our thoughts effect our body physically, to how the brain works and understanding why we react in a certain ways, to identifying thoughts processes and challenging them.

Overcome Overthinking Masterclass

This was a valuable and helpful experience. Emma guides you through the experience with comforting ease, her knowledge and confidence on the subject enables you to reflect in a safe space.

Masterclass Feedback

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Book a free no obligation consultation

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complimentary call

You find yourself here with a difficulty that you want relief from. Maybe its anxiety, overthinking, panic, not feeling good enough, perfectionism, people pleasing or perhaps it’s something else.

You’re wondering what to do, how I can support you and if things can be different? They absolutely can! This complimentary call is my invitation to you, to explore these questions and any others you may have. You deserve to explore these questions.

I have supported so many where this complimentary call was the gateway for them to gain control, get relief and feel better. They were once here questioning all the above and more and if they had never taken the opportunity of this complementary call they wouldn’t have achieved the successes that they currently are. After all our emotional health affects us and our lives profoundly. There isn’t any aspect of our life that isn’t impacted by our emotional health.

This conversational may be welcoming and relaxed but I assure you it is mighty in its power to serve as a therapeutic process in itself and a way of directing you intentions to support your positive changes.

Have a look at what date and time suits you best. I have so much respect for you for putting yourself first and I will look forward to our conversation.

With love Emma

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