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BEFORE YOU head to your inbox - here is something I think you will LOVE.

How many of these on the
overthinking checklist are you?

1. You second guess yourself [   ]
2. You worry about things before they have happened [   ]  
3. You imagine the worst case scenario [   ]
4. In a conversation full of positives and one negative you focus on the negative [   ]
5. You replay conversations [   ]
6. You try to guess what the other person is thinking [   ]
7. You struggle to sleep and or have vivid dreams because your mind is so active [   ]
8. You think about the same things over and over [   ]
9. When someone acts out of character you think about what you have done wrong [   ]


It may be that your don't notice yourself doing these things or you didn't until now. On the outside maybe no one else would notice you do these things and that you look like you have it all together after all you have a good job, a nice home and good friends and family.

Your thoughts are busy all of the time and it zaps your energy and presence with your friends and family.

You second guess yourself and often feel unsure which can get you stuck from making decisions and having a clear vision. 

You hardly ever feel calm and content and this keeps you on edge and makes you feel like you have always got to be doing something

But inside

Photoshoot Oct 2021-100.heic

One thing that most people don’t understand about overthinking is that our brains are designed in this way. The business of thoughts is our minds way of trying to find a solution and assert control because we find tolerating uncertainty really difficult. So your brain ‘gifts’ you overthinking to ‘help’ but you know that it doesn’t feel helpful does it. You never come out of overthinking thinking that was great and I feel amazing now.

It doesn’t have to be this way and I have created for you
Overcome Overthinking
to support you to switch off and tame that overthinking part of your brain.

You will go from overthinking to understanding and mastering your thoughts with easy practical strategies so that you can feel more present with your friends and family, sleep easier and enjoy and thrive in your life.

Heres what is included

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- A Masterclass instant downloadable video guided by me Emma Draycott (Anxiety Relief Therapist)

- You own workbook full of valuable information, key learnings, reflective activities and actional practical strategies for you to try.

- Access to exclusive therapy package discount following your purchase of the Masterclass by quoting ‘MasterclassBonus’

FIVE WAYS overcome overthinking masterclass will help you feel in control, confident and calm:

You get to feel in control – instead of those thoughts taking you into spirals of feeling out of control, overwhelmed and exhausted. This masterclass will give you the most effective tools to get you back in control of those thoughts so that you can save hours of time and your energy to concentrate on the things that you want to.

get this instantly

Valued at £141 you can get this masterclass for you right now for just £67 .

This offer is time limited!

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