Single Session Therapy 

What is Single Session Therapy

Single Session Therapy (SST) is an approach developed by the acclaimed CBT Therapist and Academic Windy Dryden (of whom I was trained by). SST is a purposeful endeavour where you and I set out with the intention of helping you at your time of need, in one session; knowing that more sessions are available if you would like further support.

Is it for me?

Single Session Therapy is for you if you have a specific issue that can be tackled in a focused way and you want to deal with it as quickly as possible.

It is for you if you find yourself wanting to move forward but are feeling a bit stuck or are unsure what to do.

It is for you if you don’t want to go into a detail about your past. In SST we will focus on the issue you are bringing, solutions and the future. 

SST may not be for you if you know you would like more than one session from the offset and would like ongoing therapy. This is absolutely fine as I can offer you ongoing therapy.

How SST can help;

Improve relationships, reduce anxiety, help you feel more in control, help you feel better about yourself, help you to develop coping strategies, recognise triggers or things that make you feel worse, make sense of your feelings and your needs, help you to communicate your needs, give you clarity and identify steps to help you achieve your goal.

Single Session Therapy can help in many ways with a variety of different circumstances. The most important things about SST is it helps you with what you want help with as we work on the issue and the goal in which you would like to.

What's included in Single Session Therapy
- 15 minute connection calls prior to your session

- Therapy Session
- Personalised Plan
- 15 minute connection call following your session 

Investment £120 for a single session

Any subsequent sessions £65 per session



Video on Single Session Therapy 

Wild Path

Children & Young People

Walk & Talk Therapy 

We all know that being outside in nature can have a beneficial impact on both our mental health and our physical health. 

Studies have shown that physical exercise and nature can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, promote healing, boost our immune system and aid our ability to relax. Also there is a phenomenal quality that walking has on stimulating the brain which can help us think more clearly and see things differently – perfect to support the therapeutic process.  Ever heard anyone say they are going for a walk to clear their mind? It really does have a restorative effect and doing this alongside therapy gives us the opportunity to harness this within our session.

The act of walking gives you something to focus on, allows for silences, breaks to notice the surroundings and gives opportunity for us to be walking side by side rather than opposite one another. This can feel more usual, normal and supportive. This may appeal to to you if you feel more comfortable with less eye contact and having something to focus on doing. How many walks have you been on where you have a chat to someone? I suspect quite a few. Therefore this can help you feel more comfortable and familiar with the process and help you to share.

We will walk at a place and pace that suits you and we can pause at any time. Walk and Talk therapy is offered in Nottingham during spring and summer. 

Investment £65 per session


I have a wealth of knowledge and experience working with children, young people and their families. From this experience I have found that offering children a safe, friendly, non-judgemental space can be extremely valuable. Children and young people often find it difficult to talk to their loved ones about how they are feeling as they don’t want to worry, upset or burden you. I know that all you want is for them to share so that you can understand and support them. This is where I can help.

I believe in helping children and young people share their feelings and experiences with their families as I know that you are their biggest supporter. This can be difficult and daunting for some children and young people therefore I often start with having a space where you can both join in and also offer you both individual time with me. This way I can help us work out what you want and the best way forward.

For those children and young people who wish to share with their parents / carers I am passionate about sharing my understanding, knowledge and skills with you so that when they are struggling you are equipped with the information and tools you need to help your child get through difficult times. It is much easier for us all to help ourselves and make positive changes when you have someone that understands you and what you are trying to achieve.

Investment £65 per session

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Training, Consultancy and

Key Note Speaking 

I am a specialist trainer and accredited Mental Health First Aid Trainer and I have been designing and delivering bespoke training in relation to mental health, attachment, self-harm, suicide, safety planning, stress management and emotional wellbeing for several years. Over this time I have offered training and key note speeches to thousands of carers, parents, young people and professionals including doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers, family support workers, youth services, careers, police and charitable organisations.

Feedback from such training:

‘’Emma is an inspiration. I have been on numerous training sessions with her she is so passionate and knowledgeable’’

Please contact me for further information about the needs of your service and how I can best support you.

Price upon request as all training, consultancy and key note speaking is bespoke.

Adult Therapy

Therapy allows you to reflect upon your experiences and offer you insight into your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This can serve as a catalyst for promoting growth and positive change whilst providing you with support. I specialise in providing an approach which suits you.


Often individuals are referred for a specific therapy because it may be clinically recognised to help a specific difficulty however the timeframe, approach or individual therapist may not appeal to you and how you would like to experience therapy.  This is where I come in. I have a wealth of knowledge and experience and I am trained in various different therapeutic approach (see 'about me'). I believe that there are three fundamental things that will help you achieve what you want in therapy:

The therapeutic relationship between us - simply put you like me, you feel I understand you and feel I have the skills to help you.

That you are ready - you have an idea of what you would like to achieve and want to achieve it.

That the approach is right for you - we are talking about the things you want to, in a way in which suits you.

Conference Meeting

This is where my free first conversation comes into place. Let’s have a chat and within this conversation we will be able to work out these three fundamentals. You will be able to get a sense of me and see if I am someone you can see yourself talking to, that I have an approach that makes you feel comfortable and your confident in what I am saying and we can talk about what you want to achieve.

Have you ever had a really good chat to a good friend and or loved one - the type where they have really understood you, listened to you and helped you reflect on your situation and afterwards you came away with clarity, hope and feeling validated? I hope that you have at some point felt this. This is the experience I can offer you in therapy. I am the professional version of this experience with many added advantages; the conversation will be about you, not me (as it may be with a friend or loved one), its completely confidential, impartial and my response is built upon a wealth of therapeutic knowledge, tools and experience to empower you to feel better and make positive changes to influence your current experiences. 

Other advantages to speaking to myself compared to speaking with a friend or loved one. With a friend, colleague or loved one we often

  • Hold back what we share (worry about taking over the conversation, being negative and it being all about you)

  • Overthink what we are going to say

  • Worry about how it may be interpreted or understood

  • Worry what they will think of you

  • Worry about being a burden or putting a downer on the conversation

  • Worry about the impact it may have on your relationship

  • Get glib or bad advice that doesn’t help (even though given with the best intentions)


Sound familiar?

Would you like to feel listened to, heard, understood and validated? Would you like to feel hopeful & clear? Would you like to understand what can help you feel better? I imagine the answer is yes, then I invite you to have a chat with me I promise this experience can feel so comforting, freeing, helpful and good.


Investment £65 per session

Video on Walk & Talk Therapy  

Therapeutic sessions currently being offered via telephone or video call 

What i can help with 



Struggling with anxiety or panic about general things or specific things. 
I can help you reduce your experiences of anxiety and manage triggering situations.



Feeling low, depressed, sad, numb, lacking motivation, tired, tearful? I can help Increase positive feelings, motivation, sense of worth, purpose and enjoyment.



Feeling worthless, like a burden and not good enough?

I can help you to explore where these values may have come from and increase more positive feelings towards yourself.