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MyInvitation to You

I specialise in offering you therapeutic support packages to support you in making meaningful and sustainable changes in your life.

In these packages, you get access to three elements of support: 

- 1-1 support 
- Access to a group membership with like-minded women
- Access to guided resources 

This gives you access to support in and out of 1-1 sessions, offering you support, resources and a community of like-minded women for the times that you most need it. This is a unique offering and one in which I see best serves the progress for my clients and one in which I am very passionate about being able for my clients.

I have found that it is best for you to join me on a video call to talk about your individual experiences and what you want to gain. This way, we can have a helpful conversation about the most suitable support for you to help you reach your goals with ease.

This call is complimentary, it is designed to be relaxed, compassionate and supportive. 


Therapy allows you to reflect upon your experiences and offer you insight into your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This can serve as a catalyst for promoting growth and positive change whilst providing you with support. I specialise in providing an approach which suits you.


Often individuals are referred for a specific therapy because it may be clinically recognised to help a specific difficulty however the timeframe, approach or individual therapist may not appeal to you and how you would like to experience therapy.  This is where I come in. I have a wealth of knowledge and experience and I am trained in various different therapeutic approach (see 'about me'). I believe that there are three fundamental things that will help you achieve what you want in therapy:

The therapeutic relationship between us - simply put you like me, you feel I understand you and feel I have the skills to help you.

That you are ready - you have an idea of what you would like to achieve and want to achieve it.

That the approach is right for you - we are talking about the things you want to, in a way in which suits you.

This is where my free first conversation comes into place. Let’s have a chat and within this conversation we will be able to work out these three fundamentals. You will be able to get a sense of me and see if I am someone you can see yourself talking to, that I have an approach that makes you feel comfortable and your confident in what I am saying and we can talk about what you want to achieve.

Have you ever had a really good chat to a good friend and or loved one - the type where they have really understood you, listened to you and helped you reflect on your situation and afterwards you came away with clarity, hope and feeling validated? I hope that you have at some point felt this. This is the experience I can offer you in therapy. I am the professional version of this experience with many added advantages; the conversation will be about you, not me (as it may be with a friend or loved one), its completely confidential, impartial and my response is built upon a wealth of therapeutic knowledge, tools and experience to empower you to feel better and make positive changes to influence your current experiences. 

Other advantages to speaking to myself compared to speaking with a friend or loved one. With a friend, colleague or loved on

Listening to Music


Hypnotherapy is a tool that I use to help you to achieve what you want to with ease. ypnosis is a deep state of relaxation, focus, and increased suggestibility.

This deep state of relaxation is something that you have already experiences as we regularly find ourselves lost in thought or immersed. For an example when we are scrolling on social media or when we are on auto pilot whilst driving.

The difference is that during hypnotherapy, I guide you as you welcome in this deep state of relaxation, where you have increased suggestibility and I can support your subconscious and conscious mind to think, feel and behaviour differently in a way that you wish to and a way that serves you better to achieve your goal.

I specialise in offering hypnotherapy alongside theraputic support and approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy to get you relief from anxiety, panic, feeling overwhelmed, overthinking, feelings of unworthiness, perfectionism and people pleasing.

There is a wealth of evidence to suggest that combining these therapies maximises the results that you will experience. Which of course makes sense as hypnotherapy works with your subconscious mind whilst the other approaches, I offer works with your conscious mind to support you to make changes in the way you experience your difficulties, how you feel about them, how they affect your and how you behave in relation to them

Hypnotherapy and the experience of hypnotherapy is quite different to what is portrayed in the entertainment industry. There are no gimmicks, swirling patterns, pendulums or looking into my eyes in my hypnotherapy. I offer you guidance through gently talking to you, guiding you through relaxing words and you choose to relax and feel peaceful whilst you are in full control. Following the session, I offer you a recording of these guided words for you to play to help you build new connections and habits. You can choose to play these in the day whilst you are relaxing or at night which will help you to fall asleep. Your subconscious mind will continue to listen even when you are asleep.   

All hypnosis is technically self-hypnosis as you are allowing yourself to become relaxed and this is your choice. There isn’t a specific feeling of being ‘hypnotised’ it will simply feel like a relaxed state, lovely and relaxed and calm. An experience you have already felt.

Hypnosis works by relaxing you which calms the activity of the frontal cortex. The thinking part of our brain. Once this is relaxed we can fully engage our sub conscious mind become more open to information, more suggestible, and capable of creating more intense sensations in our minds (Thomson, 2019).

A fascinating study in 2006 found that when individuals were in a hypnotic relaxed state they were more able to imagine pleasant memories as if they were real as the areas of the brain involved in creativity, movement and sensation became more active
(Faymonville, Boly, & Laureys, 2006).

In 2019 Barnes et al 14 sperate studies and found hypnotherapy to be as effective as other forms of behavioural support six months after treatment. 

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety 

Hypnotherapy goes beyond traditional talk therapy by accessing the powerful potential of the subconscious mind. While talking therapies excel at conscious thought and behaviour change, hypnotherapy bypasses the critical chatter of your conscious mind and directly impacts the deeper structures where anxiety often takes root.

This allows for a unique and impactful approach to easing anxiety-related symptoms.


Here's how hypnotherapy specifically helps with anxiety:

1. Deep Relaxation and Stress Reduction:

  • Hypnosis induces a state of profound relaxation, similar to meditation but even deeper. This quiets the overactive fight-or-flight response, lowering cortisol (stress hormone) and easing physical symptoms like rapid heartbeat, muscle tension, and shortness of breath.

2. Reprogramming the Subconscious:

  • Your subconscious holds beliefs and patterns that may contribute to anxiety. Hypnotherapy allows access to these hidden programs and replaces them with positive suggestions and visualisations. Imagine replacing self-doubt with confidence, fear with calmness, and negative anxieties with empowering affirmations.

3. Addressing the Root Cause:

  • Often, anxiety stems from past experiences or hidden stressors. Through guided imagery and gentle exploration, hypnotherapy can help uncover and address these underlying triggers, providing lasting relief instead of simply managing symptoms.

4. Enhanced Emotional Regulation:

  • Hypnotherapy teaches powerful techniques for managing emotions like fear and worry. You can learn self-hypnosis skills to anchor yourself in calmness during anxious moments, fostering increased emotional resilience.

5. Building Positive Habits and Mindsets:

  • Hypnosis can be used to cultivate helpful habits like mindfulness, deep breathing, and positive self-talk. These practices solidify the positive changes initiated during hypnotherapy sessions, creating a foundation for a calmer and more joyful life.

Beyond Talk Therapy:

Here's why hypnotherapy offers a distinct advantage over solely talk-based approaches and why I use it in combination with other therapies to offer you a powerhouse of approaches to help you achieve results faster and with more ease. 

  • Direct access to the subconscious: By bypassing the conscious mind's resistance, hypnotherapy can directly influence the emotional and behavioral patterns stored in the subconscious, where anxiety often originates.

  • Enhanced suggestibility: The relaxed state allows for greater receptivity to positive suggestions and visualisations, leading to faster and more profound changes.

  • Holistic approach: Hypnotherapy addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of anxiety, creating a more comprehensive and lasting solution.


While hypnotherapy offers powerful tools, it's important to acknowledge that even though I do believe it is magic and I have seen incredible results, I would like to note it is not the only answer, and your commitment to the conscious work we do supports your overall progress. 

What i can help you with 



Struggling with anxiety or panic about general things or specific things. 
I can help you reduce your experiences of anxiety and manage triggering situations.



Feeling low, depressed, sad, numb, lacking motivation, tired, tearful? I can help Increase positive feelings, motivation, sense of worth, purpose and enjoyment.



Feeling worthless, like a burden and not good enough?

I can help you to explore where these values may have come from and increase more positive feelings towards yourself. 

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Images and names used are models to protect privacy of my clients 

complimentary call

You find yourself here with a difficulty that you want relief from. Maybe its anxiety, overthinking, panic, not feeling good enough, perfectionism, people pleasing or perhaps it’s something else.

You’re wondering what to do, how I can support you and if things can be different? They absolutely can! This complimentary call is my invitation to you, to explore these questions and any others you may have. You deserve to explore these questions.

I have supported so many where this complimentary call was the gateway for them to gain control, get relief and feel better. They were once here questioning all the above and more and if they had never taken the opportunity of this complementary call they wouldn’t have achieved the successes that they currently are. After all our emotional health affects us and our lives profoundly. There isn’t any aspect of our life that isn’t impacted by our emotional health.

This conversational may be welcoming and relaxed but I assure you it is mighty in its power to serve as a therapeutic process in itself and a way of directing you intentions to support your positive changes.

Have a look at what date and time suits you best. I have so much respect for you for putting yourself first and I will look forward to our conversation.

With love Emma


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