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Finding inspiration from clients experiences


Working with Emma has been one of the best decisions and best investments I have made for myself. I wish I had done it sooner. Having a trained professional to support you is a totally different experience to self-help, and in my case, far more effective, and this is the value in investing in therapy.

I was lucky to find you Emma. You're a really an amazing therapist, I found you to be so compassionate and easy to open up to, and you have been so skilled at guiding me and providing the support I needed.

So many parts of the therapeutic sessions have been helpful. The experience of talking to someone who is trained and experienced with providing effective support to help me navigate the challenges I was experiencing has been invaluable.

Having a dedicated space and time to talk about things is also really helpful. I also really value the process of learning to understand and recognise my thought patterns and to see my thinking from different perspectives.

I realised that this is the first time anyone has really validated my experiences or emotions, and told me that it's okay to feel like this or that there's a reason I am experiencing these feelings, and I think that has been quite powerful too.

I've really become much more conscious of my inner critic and how hard I am on myself and this has been really important for my journey. I found the exercises about reflecting on childhood and life milestone, and thinking about values to be very helpful. I also really found the control room hypnotherapy really great.

It's really been life changing. Our sessions helped me get through one of the most challenging periods of my life. When I first reached out, it was out of desperation for help with the chronic levels of anxiety I was experiencing. When I look back to that time, it was like anxiety had hijacked my life - I couldn't calm down, I couldn't enjoy my life, I couldn't sleep properly and I could barely eat.

I now feel so calm and grounded - and I think my nervous system is more regulated than it's been years. Although I initially reached out for support with anxiety, the work we have done has gone beyond this. I feel like I have a better understanding of myself and I've re-established a deep sense of trust and confidence in myself. I am being kinder to myself and not allowing my inner critic to take over. Through our work, I feel that I have a created solid foundation from which to build a happier more fulfilled life.

Without support I think I would still be experiencing quite debilitating levels of anxiety. Ultimately I think this would have had a negative effect on my mental and physical wellbeing in the long run. I think I was probably on the verge of burnout and if I hadn't made some changes, I would have pushed myself into a more severe level of burnout. I think I also realised that I wasn't very happy in the situation I was in, and I'm not sure I would have been able to change that while feeling so physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted.



What it's like working with Emma ?

To sum it up it's been eye opening and prosperous. The sessions have highlighted a key route cause allowing me to work on the negative threads attached to that route and Iove made a start addressing each thread one at a time. The techinques shared with me has allowed me to process, address, and let go of those narratives.

What has been most helpful? 

Establishing the route cause and having an understanidng of how this has effected me in so many different areas of my life and also understanding how easily one negative narrative can manifest and spiral in so many ways. Knowing and undersadning this has put so much into perspective.

What could have made the experience better?

Honestly, I really can't think of how this could have gone any better! I feel more in control, lighter and excited to continue abolishing those narratives.

I've aways felt embarrassed at the thought of seeking or asking for help and Emma, you approcah things with such ease and understanding in a way I felt I could whole heartedly trust you therefore be completely open and honest thoughtout the sessions which I believe has allowed me to have such an enourmous break through. Thank you so much!

Nicola's Experience

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Nicola's Experience and Feedback
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