Welcome to your week of wellness challenge

This is an invitation to carve some time out and to prioritise yourself as we guide you through a week of wellness to restore calm, balance and to help you feel good.

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Meet your hosts

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Hi I'm Abby, a 29 year old, crafting mad, crochet designer from Islington London. I started @calm.homemade at the beginning of the pandemic to help raise awareness of craft as therapy and normalise mental health talks.
Hi I'm Emma. The Anxiety Therapist. I am passionate about relieving people from their unhelpful thoughts and anxious mind/ body. Giving individuals the therapeutic space and skills so that they can take control and thrive in their life.
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Some of the many benefits of this challenge


Put yourself first, take the next step and take part in the challenge

"I have always judged myself and compared myself to others. I have never felt good enough and it gets me down. When I tried your tip I noticed that I started to believe in myself, hold myself better and do things that I wouldn't have before.


"When I started to put myself first and create boundaries it was like a weight had been lifted. The small changes have made such a difference and I feel more confident and positive"


"Emma is calm and supportive. She is thoughtful, reliable and wise. Emma's practical, respectful and kind nature has meant so very much to me. Emma is incredibly knowledgeable and well rounded. She's the most insightful, realistic, flexible and practical therapist I've ever known"


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You have a lot to gain from a free, confidential, no obligation conversation. A simple conversation is more powerful than you may imagine. Lets see how we can work together to help you achieve what it is you want.


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