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Relax & Rewire - Blow Stress Away

Guided Hypnotherapy Session

  • Ended
  • 15 British pounds
  • Small private online session in Microsoft Teams

Service Description

Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation, focus, and increased suggestibility. I will harness this increased suggestable state to help you feel relaxed, calm, in control and empowered to manage your stresses in the time of the session but also following this experience. Clients who have experienced my hypnotherapy refer to hypnosis as the gift that keeps on giving as it continues to support them over time following the initial session itself. It is a wonderfully easy, relaxing way to make sustainable changes that serve and help you. Hypnotherapy and the experience of hypnotherapy is quite different to what is portrayed in the entertainment industry. There are no gimmicks, swirling patterns, pendulums or looking into my eyes in my hypnotherapy. What it is, is me guiding you through gently talking to you, using thoughtful, calming, relaxing words which you choose to relax to and allow a state of blissful relaxation. All hypnosis is technically self-hypnosis as you are allowing yourself to become relaxed and this is your choice - you are fully in control. There isn’t a specific feeling of being ‘hypnotised’ it will simply feel like a relaxed state, lovely and relaxed and calm. An experience you have already felt. Hypnosis specifically works by calming the activity of the frontal cortex, the thinking part of your brain. Once this is relaxed you can fully engage the subconscious mind and become more open to think creativity and capable of creating lasting changes - rewiring your mind to create positive changes in how you think, feel and behave. This session will focus on 'Blowing Away Stress' it will help you navigate your current stressors with resilience, ease and flow. You will feel calmer, more in control and empowered to be able to manage your current stressors and relieve stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Go from: - Feeling stressed and struggling to relax - Feeling busy and overwhelmed - Feeling out of control To: - Feeling calm and content - Feeling resilient and confident - Feeling on top of things and able to cope This is not suitable if you have epilepsy or psychotic disorder such as schizophrenia. The session will be a small private group online using Microsoft Teams. Initially, I welcome you to have your video on so that I can see you and introduce you in a more personal way and then during the session I will welcome you to choose for the camera to be on or off. I look forward to blowing your stress away With love Emma

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