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Blending experience of supporting emotional wellbeing with luxury skincare

Your body is a living temple, honour it, enjoy your life and live it to the full 

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All classes are currently offered online

How it works 

Booking a class is as easy as 1,2,3

1. Choose a date
2. Choose a class from the menu
3. Invite your guests

You and your guests will then be invited to answer a few questions so that I can better understand your skin type, skin needs and preferences. I will use this information to individually choose products to compliment your skin and I will create a individual spa letterbox parcel aka happy mail that will be delivered directly to you.

Prior to the spa class you will receive a zoom invite and all the information you need to prepare for your spa class to help you get the most out of your experience. 

With Love Emma x  


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Frequently asked questions

Some of the many benefits of a class experience


What is Temple Spa


Temple Spa is a heritage spa brand that exclusively retails in its own spa’s and Harrods in London. Temple Spa create exceptional skincare that make a real difference to your skin and soul health. 


How much is a spa class?

A spa class is £10 per person. This investment covers your individual spa parcel including delivery, the class and an optional 1-1 consultation with Emma.


How many guests can  I invite?

6-8 people is a good class number. Although with the luxury of online classes you can invite as many guests as you would like.  


Put yourself first, take the next step and choose a spa class

I am absolutely amazed with the eye cream and serum Emma recommended. I was conscious about my dark circles and brown spots and within weeks they have reduced.


"Emma has helped me build a lovely spa routine that really boosts my well-being. A mini pamper everyday. I cant wait to try more products and look forward to our next class

Spa Class & Consultation

"I joined Emma in the slumber spa class and I literally felt my tensions melt away, so lovely and relaxed afterwards. Had the best nights sleep and my skin felt so soft and smooth.

Wellness Class


Book a free no obligation consultation

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Skincare consultation 

This is a complimentary conversation between us via message, video call or telephone to explore anything skincare and wellness that would be helpful for you. Some examples of what this could include is: tips and advice regarding your current skincare routine, helping you analyse your skin and access which skin type you are, get advice regarding products and ingrediants that are best for your skin and what you want to achieve, specific advice regarding different skin concerns such sensitivity, redness, dry skin, dark circles, aging skin to talking about which order to put products on in, why and what they do.