My Experience & My Passion

Im Emma a therapist, coach and mental health expert with a passion for helping women (and men) with high-functioning anxiety to rewire their thinking patterns and apply practical strategies so that they can get relief from anxiety and all the keeping busy, overthinking, people-pleasing, striving for perfection, fearing failure and not feeling good enough that comes along with it.

I have over 15 years of experience supporting people in different life stages and situations. I am a qualified and registered Social Worker with Social Work England. I have undertaken accredited therapeutic training in approaches such as; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Dyadic Development Psychotherapy (DDP) and Single Session Therapy (SST), Hypnotherapy and Coaching.

I am a curious human being and I believe that it is our experiences that shape us - I come from the stance of what has happened to you rather than what is wrong with you. My curiosity helps people to understand their own story and the experiences that shape their beliefs and feelings and this ultimately offers the people I work with a path to change and get sustained relief from the difficulties they were experiencing.

I passionate about offering practical information and strategies which help people take those next steps. This is something that people often feel is missing in their previous support and often why they seek support with me. This is the so what, now what part of my support - giving you simple, effective practical strategies that you can implement to change your reality.


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My Story

We all have our own story shaping who we are. Here is a part of mine.

I have always had a passion for supporting people and before I was old enough to work I was volunteering and supporting clinical psychology in a local service. Ever since (two decades) I have been supporting individuals to achieve what it is that they wish to achieve. From reducing anxiety, to relief from trauma, feeling better about themselves, making more meaningful relationships, overcoming an addiction, achieving in education and or employment, reducing harmful behaviours, promoting inclusion, overcoming negative thoughts, feeling happier and more fulfilled.

I found my specialism in therapeutic support for those experiencing stress, emotional pain and mental health difficulties following a personal bereavement of suicide. Motivated by not wishing anyone to ever feel such pain and distress that they don’t want to live or if they did that they didn't feel alone. I took my grief and focussed it to gain knowledge and understanding. Holding the vision of helping those who find themselves in this place, preventing people getting there and to help others (professionals, friends, family, strangers) better understand and feel equip to support. At the end of the day we are all humans, open to human experience and it is the humanity within us that can save the lives of others.

Since my experience and initial vision I have completed significant research, training and qualified as a Social Worker. I have  been a mental health advocate, speaker and trainer to professionals and have specialised in therapeutically supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of individuals which I have now been doing for many years in a local emotional wellbeing and mental health service. I have been privileged to work in and manage wonderful passionate, innovative and creative teams and on projects that have significantly positivity impacted upon the lives of many; without such support I know that we would have lost more beautiful lives to emotional distress and mental health.

I want to offer my private support to you and your loved ones because I strongly believe in you receiving support in a flexible way, in an approach that suits you and being able to access this at the time that you need it. I am invested and passionate about helping you. I have a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills to help you and it would be my pleasure to meet you, to understand what is going on for you right now and what it is you would like to achieve and to help you to make the first steps.

I hold honesty, creativity, curiosity, compassion, thoughtfulness, acceptance, sustainability and playfulness as close values of mine. I am passionate about people and curious about your story of how you came to be where you are today. I am empathetic and compassionate I welcome you with acceptance for all that you are and all that you have been through. Supporting you to feel welcomed, supported, empowered and able to be your true self in our sessions. Sustainability comes through it my passion to provide support that not only helps you cope it the moment but supports you for the rest of your life - this is made possible by unique blend of therapies that support your conscious, unconscious and route causes of your difficulties.

I love connecting with people and in my spare time you will find me spending time with my friends and family. Some of the most simple things in life are my truest blessings - I love the splendour of nature. I love walking with my little fluffy dog Joey whom I rehomed after he had a rough start in life. I love eating out - Brunch and taps are my absolute favs. I enjoy wondering around and experiencing new places. I love music, dancing and musicals. I have a soft spot for music from my teens and films I enjoyed when I was younger. The classics are just the best and lastly for now but not least I love SPA's I have a slight obsession with Temple Spa and for each place I travel so if there is a spa I am there. My favourite so far is in Seville it had the most increase salt pool where you weightless float in the atmosphere of an amazing cave.

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Qualified and registered

I am a qualified Social Worker Registered with Social Work England, a professional membership which upholds the highest ethical standards.

To find out more about these organisations and standards please visit: